Sunday, July 01, 2018


El día 3 de septiembre estaré en el salón de actos o en el departamento de inglés para que os podáis apuntar al oral del 7 de septiembre. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Unit 10 Cities (Comparison)

Comparative I
Comparative II
Comparative III (Try only a couple of exercises)

Unit 10 On holiday

I enjoy travelling and it's difficult for me to choose a holiday destination because I love them all. I'd like to explore the Maldives, USA, Peru, China and lots of different places. So let's pack and travel!

Watch this video about a woman working as a holiday representative in Spain. Then answer the questions. The video is from the popular comedy "Little Britain". You can check your answers clicking on comments.

1. What's the holiday representative's name?
2. What do tourists see on the left?
3. What do tourists see on the right?
4. She wants to make sure ...
5. Why does the old Englishman get off the bus?
6. What happens to them after getting off the bus?

So, which holiday is better in your opinion: a summer holiday or a winter holiday? An adventure holiday or a package holiday? Why? You can write your answers on the chat below.

And what about your typical holidays? Complete these questionnaire and check your answers clicking on comments. Then think about the questions and write your answers on the chat below.

What do you usually do on holiday?

1. Where do you go on holiday? 
2. How do you ......... there?
3. ......... do you go with?
4. What  ........ you take with you?
5. ......... do you get up on holiday?
6. What do you .......... in the day?
7. ............ do you do in the evening?
8. What .............. do you ........... to bed?

Try these activities about BE GOING TO to talk about future plans as intentions.

Be going to I
Be going to II
Be going to III
Be going to IV
Be going to GAMES

Now you're ready to answer. Think about your holiday plans and answer these questions:

- Are you going to go abroad next summer or are you going to stay in?
- Are you going to go to concerts next summer?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Unit 9 Food

Are you hungry? Let's go to the restaurant. Listen to the dialogue and repeat. Then do the activities.

Buying a coffee (activity)
In a cafe (activity and video)

Ordering a meal (activity)

Now have a look at this menu from the famous chain of English pubs Whetherspoon. You can find cheap and delicious food there.Try to order food from this menu (customer) and try to offer food (waiter).

Menu (you can explore all the dishes available or even book a table)

To finish this entry, go back to your childhood (period of your life when you were a child) and enjoy watching this Sesame Street scene. Then get this information after watching it twice:

- The address for the pizza delivery.
- The two ingredients of the pizza.
- When the pizza will be ready.

Speedy Pizza (SCRIPT)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Unit 9 What's in your fridge?

Unit 9 Food

Les Reines Prochaines are a Swiss group formed only by women. Their lyrics are always feminist.

Listen to the first song of the video called "The Lady Is Hungry". While you listen to the song, write as many words related to food as possible. Later you can check your answers by clicking on lyrics.

The Lady is Hungry (lyrics)